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Travel to Scotland - The pounding of North Sea waves against the ruins of a mighty stone fortress. Forested mountains blanketed in mist. Endless lochs winding through sunlit glens. The spirits of history past - sword clashing on sword, bagpipes sounding through the fog calling forth the clans.

Ancient Scottish castles rising against the moonlit night, offering safety and refuge. The blues, greens and greys of the earth, sea and sky enlivened by bright tartans of red and gold. Scotland - the most romantic country on earth.

Some of us will have the opportunity to vacation in this magical country, and some will never travel further than our own comfortable homes. Whether you are an "armchair traveler" or are seriously planning a Scotland holiday, these videos will inspire you with the beauty of a timeless land.

Seeing the landscapes, castles and cities of Scotland can help you narrow the focus of your vacation to those places you would most like to see, or help you plan a themed holiday -- perhaps focusing on castles, the Highlands, golfing (see our Golf page for that), or even ghost hunting.

Once your heart has been set on a Scotland vacation and you are ready to get down to the details of planning your trip, please visit our Scotland Travel Guides page.

These travel videos are helpful for deciding what you'd like to see, but they don't provide the necessary information on where to stay, where to eat, and how to travel about.

Buy Scotland Travel Videos:


A little tour of Scotland including Edinburgh. Old but good.

Globe Trekker Scotland
Globe Trekker Scotland

This travel DVD gives you a bagpipe lesson, a whisky tour, a visit to Loch Ness, sporting at the Highland Games, and celebrating at the Edinburgh Festival.

Castles of Scotland
Castles of Scotland

Castles are in short supply here in the States - but not so in Scotland! Fascinating DVD explores the romantic history of the clans through castle tours and includes a bonus aerial journey along Scotland's western coast.

Castle Ghosts of Scotland
Castle Ghosts of Scotland

5-star video on Castle ghosts in Scotland. VHS only.

Britain: England, Scotland and Wales
Britain: England, Scotland and Wales

This DVD video is your one-stop guide to Britain's rich culture, its best cities, and stunning countryside. And the videos are indexed so you can plan your tour.

In Search of History - Loch Ness Monster
In Search of History - Loch Ness Monster

What would a Scotland vacation be without a trip to visit Nessie? Even without a monster, Loch Ness is beautiful and well worth the trip. Don't forget your binoculars!

Scotland: Beauty and Majesty
Scotland: Beauty and Majesty

A great travel video on VHS for an armchair traveler or to "preview" the sites you are thinking of visiting on your Scotland vacation.

Pilgrimages of Europe: Croagh Patrick, Ireland and Iona, Scotland
Pilgrimages of Europe: Croagh Patrick, Ireland & Iona, Scotland

An Irish monk named Columba came to Iona in the 6th century to spread the Christian faith. Right up to the present day, many pilgrims have followed and continue to follow in Columba’s footsteps.