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Sean Connery Movies

From his humble beginnings in the mid-50s, Sean Connery attained stardom with his first James Bond movie, Dr. No, in 1962. Since then, Sean Connery has a remained a movie star of the first rank, winning multiple film awards, including the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for The Untouchables (1987).

The following Sean Connery movies list (all sixty-six to date) is in reverse chronological order beginning with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen back to his first appearance in No Road Back (1956). Highlighted Sean Connery movies are available for purchase on DVD or VHS.

Also see Sean Connery Biography.

Sean Connery Filmography

2003 League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Connery plays Allan Quatermain in this "extraordinary" movie based on a comics series featuring 19th century literary characters who band together to best "the Fantom". Other characters include Dr. Jekyll, Captain Nemo, Mina Harker (heroine of Dracula), and Tom Sawyer.
2000 Finding Forrester - Connery plays a reclusive writer mentoring a talented young black man in this heart-warming film.
1999 Entrapment - Suspense-filled caper movie, co-star and fellow thief Catherine Zeta-Jones is arguably the most beautiful woman alive
1998 Playing by Heart - Highly underrated and well-acted comedy-drama entwining various stories of love, it's mysteries and difficulties. Connery's partner is the incomparable Gena Rowlands. Recommended.
1998 The Avengers - Connery plays the "diabolical madman" set on taking over the world in this tribute to the classic TV series. Mixed reviews.
1996 The Rock - Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage foil terrorists on Alcatraz - truly outstanding action and terrific performances.
1996 Dragonheart - We'd know his voice anywhere! Connery plays a dragon in this delightful family film. Co-stars Dennis Quaid. 5 stars.
1995 First Knight - Impossible to imagine Connery as an over-the-hill King Arthur. Co-stars Richard Gere and Julia Ormond provide the rest of the scenary. Not his best (but not his fault).
1995 Just Cause - Connery and Laurence Fishburne team up to identify and capture a child killer. Lots of plot twists; we really liked it. Co-stars Blair Underwood, Ed Harris, Kate Capshaw.
1994 A Good Man in Africa - Connery gives a gem performance in his small role in this comedy about diplomats in an under-developed African country. Very mixed reviews - love it or hate it.
1993 Rising Sun - Connery and Wesley Snipes are cops investigating a prostitute's murder tied in with Japanese international business interests.
1992 Medicine Man - Connery plays a scientist working in the South American rainforest. This movie was shown to our daughter's social studies class for its wonderful portrayal of the Brazilian natives. Connery gives an outstanding performance.
1991 Highlander II: The Quickening - Sequel to the original movie, only hard-care Connery fans or Highlander afficionados will enjoy this one.
1991 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Connery has a very small cameo as King Richard the Lionheart in Kevin Costner's take on the famous thief.
1990 The Russia House - Based on John Le Carré's novel, Connery teams with the lovely Michelle Pfeiffer in this love story, spy thriller.
1990 The Hunt for Red October - Masterpiece of suspense with Connery playing a Russian submarine commander with plans to defect. Co-stars Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan (before Ford took over the Ryan movies). Outstanding, very highly recommended.
1989 Family Business - Crime and family ties feature in this beautifully crafted and acted caper movie starring Connery as grandfather, Dustin Hoffman as son, and Matthew Broderick as grandson - who could ask for more?
1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Absolutely perfect in his role of absent-minded professor, Connery, along with Denholm Elliot, furnishes lots of laughs in this third Indiana Jones movie. Perhaps the best of the three.
1988 Memories of Me - Sean Connery has a bit as "himself" in this bittersweet comedy about an estranged father and son (Alan King, Billy Crystal). One of the reviewers at Amazon says he was an extra and shares a Connery anecdote, if you want to go read it.
1988 The Presidio - Military honor versus get 'em at all costs. Co-stars Meg Ryan and Mark Harmon. Harmon never became a big star - watch this and you'll know why.
1987 The Untouchables - Sean Connery took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, playing a cop in this G-men versus Al Capone (Robert de Niro) gangster movie that made Kevin Costner a star.
1986 The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco's famous novel of medieval murder comes to life in this marvelous film. A young Christian Slater co-stars.
1986 Highlander - Connery plays an "immortal" instructing Christopher Lambert on his destiny and how to stay alive long enough to enjoy it. Now in a great new edition.
1983 Never Say Never Again - Title says it all: after a 12-year hiatus, Connery returns as James Bond, agent 007, one final time. Kim Basinger and Barbara Carrera are the eye candy.
1982 Sword of the Valiant - Connery plays the magical Green Knight, while Miles O'Keefe is Gawain in this fantasy movie.
1982 Five Days One Summer - A middle-aged Scottish doctor has an affair with his niece while staying in the Swiss Alps. Not an especially nice movie.
1982 Wrong Is Right - Poorly received at the time, this satire on media frenzy and terrorism may strike new chords today. Connery is a TV newsman.
1981 Outland - Classic sci-fi adventure with Connery as a lawman on one of Jupiter's moons up against an evil mine owner (Peter Boyle).
1981 Time Bandits - Connery plays King Agamemnon in this cult classic comedy directed by Terry Gilliam (Monty Python).
1979 The Great Train Robbery - Wonderfully exciting and humorous crime caper set in Victorian England; directed by Michael Crichton from his book. Co-stars Donald Sutherland. A great movie!
1979 Cuba - Set during the Cuban revolution in the 50s, Connery plays a mercenary unsure which side to take.
1979 Meteor - Connery is a scientist trying to convince everyone that a meteor is going to stike the earth (now we know where the ideas for Deep Impact and Armegeddon came from). Co-stars Natalie Wood in one of her last appearances.
1977 A Bridge Too Far - Sean Connery is just one of the many, many great actors in this famous (deservedly) World War II film. Directed by Richard Attenborough; co-stars Michael Caine, James Caan, Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, Anthony Hopkins, Laurence Olivier, et al. A must-have for any movie collection.
1976 The Next Man - Middle East politics and adventure with Sean Connery as a Saudi Arabian ambassador who falls in love with the woman hired to assassinate him (and vice versa).
1976 Robin and Marian - Connery and the exquisite Audrey Hepburn star in this middle-aged love story, as Robin returns from Crusade to find Marian a nun. Very highly recommended.
1975 The Man Who Would Be King - Perhaps the best of all. Sean Connery and Michael Caine co-star as Empire-era British soldiers out to gain an Indian kingdom - absolutely delightful, filled with high humor and adventure. Don't miss it!
1975 The Wind and the Lion - Set during Teddy Roosevelt's age of American imperialism, this is a rousing adventure tale with Connery as a Berber sheik and Candace Bergen as a kidnapped American. Brian Keith is just perfect as Teddy. Very much fun.
1974 The Terrorists - Connery plays a Norwegian security chief up against terrorists in this action-adventure movie.
1974 Murder on the Orient Express - Every name in Hollywood starred in this fun adaptation of the famous Agatha Christie novel. Albert Finney is Hercule Poirot. Ingrid Bergman won an Oscar.
1974 Zardoz - Directed by John Boorman, Zardoz was considered one of the worst sci-fi movies ever made - hence, it is now a cult classic. Only for sci-fiers or hard-core Connery fans.
1973 The Offence - Dark thriller with Connery as an over-the-edge cop hunting down a child molester. Well-acted, but very heavy. Co-stars Trevor Howard.
1971 Diamonds are Forever - Bond, James Bond. Returning after a hiatus, Connery served up a good one here. Jill St. John as Tiffany Case. The names are the best part, right? Bambi and Thumper are in this one. One of the best songs ever.
1971 The Anderson Tapes - Very well-done and entertaining caper movie with Connery as the head honcho of the heist team. Christopher Walken made his screen debut.
1971 The Red Tent - Psychological drama with Peter Finch as the doomed leader of a North Pole expedition, responsible for many deaths and much suffering. Connery plays famed real-life explorer Roald Amundsen.
1970 The Molly Maguires - Story of Irish immigrants working the coal mines in 19th century America. Connery leads the rebellious miners; Richard Harris is out to catch him.
1968 Shalako - I liked this movie. It's a western with Connery as the Indian-wise hero and Brigitte Bardot as a French countess on a trip to the West. She's very spunky. Really, it's quite good.
1967 You Only Live Twice - Machine gun toting ninjas help James Bond foil a plot by SPECTRE to start World War III. Donald Pleasance is the bad guy. Nancy Sinatra sang the song.
1966 A Fine Madness - Connery at his comic best (and he can be so funny) as a nonconformist poet in 60s New York. A great mid-60s comedy (there were lots, we love the 60s). Joanne Woodward co-stars.
1965 Thunderball - Possibly the best James Bond of all, Connery gets to battle sharks and scuba-equipped bad guys off the coast of the Bahamas. Fantastic underwater action. Tom Jones sang the song.
1965 The Hill - Powerful WWII film about a prison camp for errant soldiers - their suffering and degradation - in the North African desert. Connery gives an outstanding performance as an unjustly busted sergeant.
1964 Marnie - Alfred Hitchcock's story of a mentally troubled young woman (Tippi Hedren), wooed, won and restored by Sean Connery's love. Mixed reviews, yet a classic.
1964 Woman of Straw - Crime thriller with Connery as a greedy nephew bent on securing uncle's fortune. Co-stars Ralph Richardson and Gina Lollobrigida.
1964 Goldfinger - Who can forget the woman covered in gold? One of the best, starring the best James Bond ever. Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore (and that was 1964!).
1963 From Russia with Love - Another one considered to be the best. Who can say? We each have our favorites. Certainly, James Bond, our Agent 007, is at the top of his form.
1962 Dr. No - The film that catapulted Sean Connery to stardom. Agent 007 James Bond begins his reign as the world's most famous spy. Gorgeous Ursula Andress sports a bikini.
1962 The Longest Day - The classic D-Day movie starred many very famous actors including John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton, and, of course, Sean Connery.
1961 Operation Snafu (aka On the Fiddle) - Light-hearted WWII story about two British pals who get into trouble but end up as heroes. Co-stars Alfred Lynch.
1961 Anna Karenina - Sean Connery stars as the dashing Count Vronsky with Claire Bloom as the unhappy Anna in this BBC production of Tolstoy's classic, now available on DVD.
1961 The Frightened City - Sean Connery stars as a mob enforcer who becomes a target of the big boys in this British crime thriller.
1959 Tarzan's Greatest Adventure - No, Connery didn't play Tarzan (Gordon Scott did). Rather, he has a small role as one of the bad guys destroying native villages. One of the better Tarzan films, it's a shame it's not currently available.
1959 Darby O'Gill & The Little People- Disney movie about an old man and his adventures with the leprechauns. Connery as an Irishman!
1958 Another Time, Another Place - Lana Turner stars with Connery in this story of forbidden love and "doing the right thing." Not great.
1957 Action of the Tiger - Van Johnson stars in this Cold War thriller about a planned rescue of a man held by Albanian communists. We love Van Johnson, but if you can spot Connery, let me know.
1957 Time Lock - Suspense movie about a little boy locked in a supposedly impenetrable time-locked bank vault. Can Connery and the others get him out?
1957 Hell Drivers (aka Hard Drivers) - Ex-con trying to go straight discovers his truck-driving buddies are pulling a scam. The fun in this British crime drama are the bit roles by many now famous names: Connery, Jill Ireland, Patrick McGoohan, David McCallum. Connery's role is so small it has no last name - he is "Johnny."
1957 Requiem for a Heavyweight - Connery has a small part in this drama about the underside of the fight business. Originally produced for TV, it was released in theaters in 1962. Stars Anthony Quinn, Jackie Gleason.
1956 No Road Back - British thriller about a deaf and blind nightclub owner who becomes involved with jewel thieves who try to pin a murder rap on her son. I think Connery plays the son, but I'm not sure. His film debut.