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Not everyone can take a trip to Scotland to walk the fields of Flodden, gaze at the statue of William Wallace, or tour the home of Robert Burns.

Documentary DVDs and videos are a wonderful way to see Scottish history through the eyes of those who were there, feast on the landscapes beloved of the Scottish people, and gain a much better insight into the battles and military history of ancient times (it is so hard to picture a battle without seeing the terrain).

Buy Scotland history documentaries on DVD and VHS:

Scottish Film Trilogy
Scottish Film Trilogy

Set of three outstanding docudramas telling the stories of Robert the Bruce, the '45 (last Jacobite uprising), and MacBeth. Top-notch casts. 1999 VHS.

A History of Britain Boxed Set
A History of Britain - The Complete Collection

The BBC television series in a 5-disc DVD boxed set. Beautifully produced.

Heroes of Scotland - William Wallace
The Heroes of Scotland: William Wallace - the True Story

William Wallace - First part of a series of "true stories" that also includes Bruce and Rob Roy MacGregor. 1996

The Bruce of Bannockburn
The Heroes of Scotland: The Bruce of Bannockburn

Story of Robert the Bruce. 1996

Rob Roy - The True Story
The Heroes of Scotland: Rob Roy - The True Story

Third in the series, this one takes on Rob Roy MacGregor. 1996

All three in the series are available in a boxed set: Heroes of Scotland Boxed Set

Castles of Scotland
Castles of Scotland

Scotland's castles emerge from swirling mists to reveal fortresses originally erected against the threat of Viking invaders and later, the threat of neighboring clans. Covers the architectural history, clan warfare, Scottish legends and more.

Scottish Battles
Scottish Battles

Video documentaries about Scotland at war - Stirling, Bannockburn, Flodden and Culloden.

Scottish Clans
Scottish Clans

With Scotland's gorgeous scenery as a backdrop, this DVD provides a brief history of the clan structure in Scotland then focuses on interesting stories about some of the more well-known clans.

The Celts - Rich Traditions and Ancient Myths
The Celts - Rich Traditions & Ancient Myths

This three-volume video set discusses all the Celtic cultures - both past and present. Produced by the BBC, the soundtrack is by Enya.

Celtic Legends:  Scottish Legends
Celtic Legends: Scottish Legends

The video title is slightly misleading: historians discuss Wallace, Bruce, James IV, Rob Roy, and Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Malt Project Distilleries of Islay
Malt Project - Distilleries of Islay

Documentary video on Scotch whisky making in Islay.

The Complete History of Golf
The Complete History of Golf

Sportscaster Pat Summerall provides an entertaining look at 600 years of golf history. You'll meet golf's greatest legends, play the courses and witness the incredible shots that have made the game what it is today. 4-tape VHS boxed set.