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Books - History of Scotland, Medieval through Modern

Here are some interesting books on Scotland's history from medieval times through the modern rebirth of Scottish nationalism.

New Penguin History of Scotland
The New Penguin History of Scotland

A must-have for any student of Scottish history. From prehistoric times through the present, each chapter is written by an expert in the field.

Scotland: The Story of a Nation
Scotland: The Story of a Nation

by Magnus Magnusson

An engaging, lively history of Scotland - heavy on the swashbuckling. A great read.

Scotland: An Intimate Portrait
Scotland : An Intimate Portrait

by Geddes MacGregor

Mr. MacGregor sheds light on the origin of Scotland's cultural distinctions - kilts, bagpipes, etc., in the context of the history of Scotland. A lovely book.

Medieval Scotland
Medieval Scotland (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks)

By A.D.M. Barrell

Covers early medieval Scotland through the 16th century. Celebrates the Scots' achievement of a cohesive nationhood, against high odds, when the Irish and Welsh failed to unify their countries.

Burgess, Merchant and Priest : The Medieval Scottish Town
Burgess, Merchant and Priest: The Medieval Scottish Town

By Derek Hall

Hall is an urban archeologist and puts his narrative skills to work in this fascinating story of the bustling, vigorous Scottish towns, including Edinburgh, Glasglow, Perth, and more. Find out how urban Scots lived in the middle ages.

The Stuarts
The Stuarts (A Royal History of England)

Edited by Antonia Fraser

The Stuarts reigned over Scotland and England from 1603 through 1714. There is an error in the book's description - James VI's mother was Mary, Queen of Scots, not Margaret Tudor.

The People with No Name: Ireland's Ulster Scots, America's Scots Irish, and the Creation of a British Atlantic World, 1689-1764
The People with No Name: Ireland's Ulster Scots, America's Scots Irish, and the Creation of a British Atlantic World, 1689-1764

By Patrick Griffin

From Scotland to Ireland to America, the Presbyterians fled persecution and economic failure.

Damn Rebel Bitches
Damn Rebel Bitches

By Maggie Craig

What a title! Entertaining history of women active during the '45 rising (Flora MacDonald wasn't the only one!). Recommended.

The Highland Scots of North Carolina
The Highland Scots of North Carolina 1732 - 1776

The Highland diaspora began later than the Lowland, during the Jacobite era. This history begins with their lives in the Highlands and follows their emigration to North Carolina. Fascinating reading, especially if you contrast their views with the Scotch-Irish.

The Road to Home Rule
The Road to Home Rule

By Christopher Harvie and Peter Jones

Well-illustrated history of 20th century Scotland's rising nationalism. Fascinating, readable, a fabulous portrait of a nation that couldn't die.

How the Scots Invented the Modern World
How the Scots Invented the Modern World:...

By Arthur Herman

This book is a best-seller and no wonder - talk about "ego feed" for anyone with Scots blood. Still, who can resist? And, of course, it's all true! From the flap: "Who formed the first modern nation? Who invented our modern ideas of democracy and free market capitalism? The Scots."

Heritage of Scotland
Heritage of Scotland : A Cultural History of Scotland and Its People

Beautifully illustrated, engagingly written, each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Scottish culture and history.