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Travel to Scotland - Guides and Maps

Whether you are planning a business trip to Edinburgh or Glasgow, or a long-awaited vacation or walking tour of Scotland, we've tried to find the best travel to Scotland guides and maps available to help you make the most of your holiday or free time.

Listed here are travel books for every interest - historical sites in the major Scottish cities, walking and driving tours, travelogues and Scotland photo books, and guides to ancient castles and monuments.

Included are maps of Scotland and information on Scotland's highlands and islands. Whether you want to stay in the best hotels or at small bed and breakfasts, there is sure to be a travel guide here for you.

If you are planning a golf tour to Scotland, please visit our Scotland Golf page. We also have a page devoted to Travel to Scotland Videos.

Have a great trip!

Scotland travel guides, books and maps:

Top 10 Scotland
Top 10 Scotland

The Eyewitness Top 10 books provide you with the top 10 restaurants, bars, local attractions, hotels and much more including fold-out maps and useful phone numbers.

Most Beautiful Villages of Scotland
The Most Beautiful Villages of Scotland

Gorgeous book including over 250 color photos of the most beautiful Scottish villages with a discussion of what makes each unique. Minimal travel information.

Fodor's Scotland, 23rd Edition
Fodor's Scotland, 23rd Edition

The 23rd Edition is the most up-to-date, full-color guidebook available. Fodor's gives you great tips on dining and lodging for all budgets as well as tips on basics such as getting there and getting around and when to go and what to pack.

Michelin's Regional Map of Scotland
Michelin Scotland Regional Map

Annually updated. This is what Michelin does best. Peruse a travel map of Scotland to build excitement for the trip and plan routes - maps capture our imaginations sometimes even more than photos. 5 stars.

Lonely Planet Edinburgh Encounter
Lonely Planet Edinburgh Encounter

Pull-out maps, sample itineraries for two to four days, ideas for rainy days, much more - plus it fits in your pocket for easy take along.

Scotland For Dummies
Scotland For Dummies

What can we say? The Dummies series always delivers high quality information and their Scotland book is no exception. Everything you need to know to enjoy your trip to Scotland. 5 stars.

In Search of Ancient Scotland : A Guide for the Independent Traveler
In Search of Ancient Scotland, A Guide for the Independent Traveler

A 5-star travel guide to the prehistoric ruins of Scotland detailing the history and legends of each site. Includes excellent, precise directions for locating Scotland's ancient monuments.

Philip's Navigator Scotland (Road Atlas)
Philip's Navigator Scotland (Road Atlas)

Spiral-bound for easy use and incredibly detailed down to the smallest roads and lanes - even footpaths. You won't get lost using this road atlas for your exploration of the Scottish countryside and villages. Published in the UK.

Powerful Places in Scotland
Powerful Places in Scotland

From stone circles to fairy glens and more - this is a special interest guide for those who want to spirtually experience the powerful places in Scotland.

The Creaky Traveler in the North West Highlands of Scotland: A Journey for the Mobile but Not Agile
The Creaky Traveler in the North West Highlands of Scotland: A Journey for the Mobile but Not Agile

Wonderfully entertaining travel guide by and about "creaky travelers" Warren and Gerda Rovetch. If you want an enjoyable getaway in the far reaches of Scotland and are not quite as spry as you once were (and who is?), this book might be just the thing.

Frommer's Scotland
Frommer's Scotland

Your complete guide to Scotland, the islands, the highlands, the cities - wherever you are headed, this is the guide to have. 5 stars.

Frommer's 25 Great Drives in Scotland
Frommer's 25 Great Drives in Scotland

See beautiful pictures of scenic spots and destinations for whatever area of Scotland you are visiting, plan your route, and enjoy your custom made and leisurely tour of this gorgeous country.

The Rough Guide to Scotland
The Rough Guide to Scotland

Billed as "the ultimate travel guide to this beguiling and beautiful country. It will guide you through Scotland with reliable information and detailed coverage of all of Scotland's attractions, from the world-class cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow to its many idyllic islands."