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Scottish Customs and Traditions

Scottish customs and traditions cover a very wide range of topics. Everything from kilts to golf, bagpipes to whisky, Celtic crosses to Protestant missionary work ("Dr. Livingstone, I presume"), the "second sight" to Nessie. Talk about a "rich culture"!

This page presents a wee "hodge-podge" of books that don't fit too well in the other categories on the site. There's help with planning a traditional Scottish wedding, finding Scottish baby names, learning Scottish Gaelic, a few books on a wide range of Scottish customs, Scottish traditions, and books of Scottish proverbs.

If you are looking for information on Scottish folklore, please visit Myths and Legends. That page has resources on folklore, the fairy world, Scottish witchcraft, legendary myths such as the Loch Ness monster, and other topics related to the "fey" side of Scottish life and history.

Scottish Holidays are covered in Christmas in Scotland, Hogmanay (Scotland's big blast New Year's celebration) and our History of Halloween (the Celtic origins of Halloween, from earliest times up to present day traditions). And Celtic Mythology covers Druidism and pre-Christian spirituality.

As you can see on the bar to your left, some well-known and beloved Scottish cultural traditions merit their own pages.

Books on traditional Scottish customs:

Scottish Forenames
Scottish Forenames

Baby names from Scotland. The author gives the history and origins of Scottish first names, along with detailed information about famous Scots who've born the names. The names are in English, not Gaelic, for example: Sean, Alexander, James, Judith, Margaret, Fiona, etc.

Celtic Names for Children
Celtic Names for Children

Gives thousands of variant spellings for Celtic baby names. Covers name meanings and origins in myths and of saints. Tells the regions in which baby names were most common. Includes a pronunciation guide.

The Pocket Book of Scottish Quotations
The Pocket Book of Scottish Quotations

Well-indexed Scottish quotations from medieval times through the present day.

Handfast: Scottish Poems for Weddings and Affirmations
Handfast : Scottish Poems for Weddings and Affirmations

Delightful collection Scottish love poems, in English, Scots, and Gaelic, perfect for reading aloud at weddings - find just that perfect poem for your vows, invitations or for a special toast.

Scottish Customs
Scottish Customs

By Sheila Livingstone

A delightful tour of the festivals and fairs celebrated throughout Scotland. Ms. Livingstone explains the significance of "Whuppity Stourie", "Hogmanay" and the "Common Ridings", and reveals why disguise and fire play a role in Scottish heritage. A great resource on traditional Scottish holidays.

The Most Beautiful Villages of Scotland
The Most Beautiful Villages of Scotland

Gorgeous photos of some of the most beautiful Scottish villages.
Scotland: An Intimate Portrait
Scotland : An Intimate Portrait

Mr. MacGregor sheds light on the origin of Scotland's cultural traditions - kilts, bagpipes, etc., in the context of the history of his people. A lovely book.

Scottish Proverbs
Scottish Proverbs

Scottish proverbs beautifully illustrated and reproduced from hand calligraphy, each page is an artistic gem.

Teach Yourself Gaelic Complete Course Audiopack
Teach Yourself Gaelic Complete Course Audiopack

Learn Scottish Gaelic with this popular, well laid out course of study. Comes with tapes. The tapes would be fun just to hear someone speaking the language.

Scottish Gaelic-English, English-Gaelic Dictionary
Scottish Gaelic-English/English-Scottish Dictionary

This is a handy, pocket-sized English - Scottish Gaelic dictionary for beginners or those who just want to look up words they run across in books.

Seventy Scottish Songs
Seventy Scottish Songs

Edited by Helen Hopekirk

This lovely book of 70 traditional Scottish songs includes lyrics and piano music. Ms. Hopekirk tells us a bit about each song as well.

Heritage of Scotland
Heritage of Scotland : A Cultural History of Scotland and Its People

Beautifully illustrated, engagingly written, each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Scottish culture and history.

Scottish Customs from the Cradle to the Grave
Scottish Customs from the Cradle to the Grave

By Margaret Bennett

Margaret Bennett covers every aspect of Scottish culture and customs from birth through death. As a well-known folklorist, Bennett has written a book both scholarly and highly readable.

Scottish Tartan Weddings: A Practical Guidebook
Scottish Tartan Weddings : A Practical Guidebook

This book has a lot of good suggestions for incorporating the traditions of your Scottish heritage into your Scottish wedding plans.

Tales And Traditions of Scottish Castles
Tales And Traditions of Scottish Castles

Nigel Tranter was the best and most entertaining of all Scots historians and historical fiction authors - a great book.