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Celtic Knotwork and Calligraphy Books

We had so many great Celtic craft books, we had to move some to a second page! Here you will find instruction books and fonts for creating your own Celtic knotwork designs and Celtic calligraphy projects.

Stencils, stickers, clipart, coloring books, etc., featuring Celtic design are on our main Celtic Crafts page, as well as Celtic quilting, cross stitch, and other needlework resources.

The Celtic knotwork books and calligraphy books here will help you create your own Celtic-themed cards, invitations, and more.

Calligraphy Alphabets Made Easy
Calligraphy Alphabets Made Easy

by Margaret Shepherd

Buy this calligraphy book now - it's about perfect. There is a lettering lesson for each day (365), plus a weekly project - eg, wedding invitation. Learn calligraphy through practical projects.

Knotwork and Spirals: A Celtic Art Workbook
Knotwork and Spirals : A Celtic Art Workbook

by Courtney Davis

A good introduction for the calligrapher interested in Celtic art. This is a collection of celtic designs adapted from ancient sources or created by the author. Can be used as inspiration or as a coloring book, if you want.

Celtic Design : A Beginner's Manual
Celtic Design: A Beginner's Manual

by Aidan Meehan

Meehan is a chief guru on celtic design. This Celtic knotwork book is the first in a series, the beginner's step on the road to creating celtic art. Other books in the series focus on single aspects: spirals, borders, letters, etc. You would definitely want to start with this one if you are inexperienced.

Here is a link to a list of Meehan's Celtic Design series: Aidan Meehan Books

Celtic Knotwork Designs
Celtic Knotwork Designs

by Sheila Sturrock

An excellent book for those beginning Celtic knotwork art - lays out the underlying construction with easy to follow directions, based on a grid pattern, which you can then use for a variety of projects. Recommended.

Celtic Spirals and Other Designs
Celtic Spirals and Other Designs

by Sheila Sturrock

Another great step-by-step guide from Sturrock, this time beginning with simple spirals, then moving to more complex mazes and embellishments. Once again, you are led to create your own celtic knotwork designs using the basic elements.

Celtic Hand Stroke by Stroke
Celtic Hand Stroke by Stroke (Irish Half-Uncial from the Book of Kells: An Arthur Baker Calligraphy Manual)

by Arthur Baker, designed by William Hogarth

Step-by-step guide to Irish calligraphy, including what materials you need and lots of illustrations. This is an excellent manual for this particular style.

Calligraphy and Illumination : A History and Practical Guide
Calligraphy and Illumination: A History and Practical Guide

by Patricia Lovett

The author is chair of the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society of England. In this amazing book, she gives step-by-step instructions from the basics to advanced design. The book includes history and chapters by other experts on specific topics, including heraldry. Tons of illustrations. Gorgeous, informative, wonderful for beginners and experts.

Symbols of the Celts
Symbols of the Celts

by Sabine Heinz

This isn't, strictly speaking, a craft book, but it illustrates and gives the meaning of 50 Celtic symbols. Useful for deciding what symbols you want to use for various projects.

Celtic and Medieval Alphabets - 53 Complete Fonts
Celtic and Medieval Alphabets: 53 Complete Fonts

edited by Dan X. Solo

This book is just what the title says - bare-bone pages of complete font sets. A terrific resource for the calligrapher. One of Solo's many other font books is Gothic and Old English Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts.

Celtic and Old Norse Designs
Celtic and Old Norse Designs (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)

by Courtney Davis

For those interested in incorporating Old Norse designs into their work. These are reworked by Davis from archeological sources and incorporate his own creativity. There is another Dover book of Viking Designs.